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High-efficiency electric vacuum cleaner can not only help to tidy up the environment, but also make housework a more efficient and interesting job. It saves your time wasted in cleaning up your home, workplace, floor, carpet, hair, rug, dust, crust, tile, upholstery, etc.

  • Best wet dry vacuum cleaner and cleaning mop K5 | Manufacturer | ZEK Best wet dry vacuum cleaner and cleaning mop K5 | Manufacturer | ZEK
    Check out the steam mop K5 from cleaning mop manufacturer ZEK if you need a best disinfectant, sterilized, antiseptic, sanitized wet dry vacuum cleaner and mop.
  • ZEK E6 Handheld UV Anti-mite Vacuum Cleaner 14kpa UV Dust Mite Killer ZEK E6 Handheld UV Anti-mite Vacuum Cleaner 14kpa UV Dust Mite Killer
    Our mite controller E6 is of modern design and very good quality. The anti-mite vacuum cleaner is able to inhale mites, dust, small particles, dandruff, exfoliation, horniness, cutin with a big suction of 14kpa. We can use the UV disinfection cleaner for bedding, sofa, car vacuuming. The AC motor is 300w. Unit size is 345*230*100mm. The standard cord length is 4 meters. The rated voltage is 22.2v. The packing size is 355*268*140mm. The dust cup and the HEPA is on the top of the machine. Very convenient for discarding the dust and replacing the parts. There is a UV sterilized light tube embedded at the bottom. The electric flap pad vibrates 6500 times per minute. There are four rollers at the bottom to ease the machine's movement. Unit net weight is 1.1KG. The gross weight is 1.5KG. The dust cup is around 500ml. Also, the bottom outlet's hot wind is 55 Celsius degrees, which is inhabitable for mites. Please be cautious that the UV vacuum cleaner can not be used for sucking up water, beverage, or any other liquids. Contact us for more information. We are the best vacuum cleaner OEM factory. ZEK is the best hand vacuum cleaner supplier in China. Inquire us now!
  • ZEK K7 Stick Wireless Vacuum Cleaner DC Rechargeable Portable Detachable 150w ZEK K7 Stick Wireless Vacuum Cleaner DC Rechargeable Portable Detachable 150w
    The ZEK K7 stick wireless vacuum cleaner is one of our hottest electric vacuums. It is a DC rechargeable portable detachable 150w electric vacuum cleaner. We have two versions of the cordless vacuum cleaners. The lite version is in Chinese red and the luxury version is in Gold. The Chinese red rod is telescopic.Of course, we can customize the logo, color, and packing for you. The MOQ for customized service is from 500 sets. We are friendly to small and medium-sized companies with the hope of branding their own trademarks of household vacuum cleaners. The motor is 130w. The brush for the lite version is not an electric one. The electric brush for the luxury version is 20w. We provide a standard 2 in 1 crevice brush, electric carbon fiber brush, round brush, cleaning brush and optional electric mite brush, electric spinning mop brush, electric tangle-free brush for multi-purpose. The dust cup capacity is 700ml. The Li battery is 2200mAh. Full charge time is from 4-5 hours. The four indicator lights will flash one by one if it is charging. As the electric quantity increase, the number of flashing indicator lamps will decrease. When it is fully charged, all the indicator lights will go on together. The four blue indicator lights will go on together if the battery is full. As the battery quantity decreases, the number of lights on gradually decreases until all of them are off.  The suction at eco speed is 5kpa and the runtime is 35 minutes. The suction at max speed is 9kpa and the runtime is 20 minutes. The battery is detachable and replaceable. One button to release the dust.  It's a seamless solution for your versatile vacuuming needs from the home, to the car, to the office, and more. The design can be connected as an upright vac with the simple click of a tube attachment that can be just as quickly removed for handheld cleaning. Rechargeable, lightweight, and super-powerful, ZEK minimizes the bother and maximizes the clean. It makes home vacuuming an easier and happier job. We are a professional wholesale household vacuum cleaner factory. ZEK is the best wholesale handheld vacuum cleaner supplier in China.Looking for the best home vacuum cleaner supplier? Inquire us now!
  • What are the trending products of vacuum cleaners recently? What are the trending products of vacuum cleaners recently?
    Fabric washing machines have been popular on new media platforms in recent years. In the video, the dirty sofa carpet is brushed once by the fabric washing machine, which can be said to be cleaned in seconds. Consumers with carpet headaches are excited, so is it really necessary to buy a fabric washing machine? Is it really that useful? 
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Provide Customized Services For Unique Or Challenging Business Needs.

ZEK provide vacuum cleaner wholesale since 2013, with a professional R&D team, self-owned molding and injection workshop, we have the ability to offer a whole package of solutions from design, development, molding, injection, to mass production and after-sale technical support.

We produce and market DC and BLDC vacuum cleaners, mite controller, steam mop, electric mops, and robot vacuum cleaner. If you need privatized logo, packaging, color or other customization services, please be free to share with us your ideas. As a quality vacuum cleaner supplier, we will design and modify them totally based on your requirements until you are satisfied.

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Suzhou ZEK is a professional wholesale vacuum cleaner manufacturer with a total area of 12,000 sqm of the workplace and a dedicated R&D team, that's our biggest advantage. We can not only provide quality cordless vacuum cleaners, but also offer very fair and competitive prices on a relatively similar quality standard. We aim to continuously manufacture electric household vacuum cleaners and be with all of our partners for the next ninety years in this industry.

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    The customers informed the required shape factors, performance specifications, life cycle, and compliance requirements.

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    The design team is involved from the beginning of a project to ensure the most suitable customized design products for customers.

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    In order to provide a high quality structure, we maintain an effective quality management system.

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    Once the prototype is validated in terms of form, function and requirements, production is the next stage.

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Suzhou Zhengyikai Electric Appliance Co.,LTD was founded in 2013 by Edward Gao in Suzhou, Jiangsu Province, adjacent to Shanghai. We are a vacuum cleaner supplier in Suzhou, China. Currently, we are developing into a total area of 12,000 sqm of the workplace with 4 assembly lines and the production capacity of 150,000 units per month. There are 5 employed engineers, three marketing departments, and over 150 contract workers to stand by and be ready to serve customers from every corner of the world.

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