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  • ZEK K8 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner BLDC 20kpa Handheld Multifunctional Wholesale Supplier Suzhou ZEK K8 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner BLDC 20kpa Handheld Multifunctional Wholesale Supplier Suzhou
    The vacuum cleaner K8 is one of our hottest portable vacuum cleaners. It is a BLDC stick vacuum cleaner. We provide logo, color, and packing customization for you. The MOQ for privatized customization services is from 500 sets. We are friendly to small and medium-sized companies with the hope of branding their own trademarks of upright vacuum cleaners. The motor is 150w or 250w. We offer a standard 2 in 1 crevice brush, electric velvet brush, round brush, cleaning brush and optional electric mite brush, electric spinning mop brush, electric tangle-free brush for multi-purpose. The dust cup capacity is 700ml. The Li battery is 2200mAh. Full charge time is from 4-5 hours. The red, orange and green indicator lights will go on one by one to show the battery quantity. All light will go on when the battery is full. The orange indicator light will go on to imply an abnormality. The suction of 150w at eco speed is 9kpa and the runtime is 35 minutes. The suction of 150w at max speed is 15kpa and the runtime is 20 minutes. The suction of 250w at eco speed is 12kpa and the runtime is 20 minutes. The suction of 250w at max speed is 20kpa and the runtime is 10 minutes. The battery is detachable and replaceable. When the electric brush motor stops running, the orange indicator lamp will go on. Normally, the red, orange, and green indicator lights will go on one by one. The filtration is cyclonic. One button to release the dust. The rod is conductive. It's a seamless solution for your versatile vacuuming needs from the home, to the car, to the office, and more. The design can be connected as an upright vac with the simple click of a tube attachment that can be just as quickly removed for handheld cleaning. Rechargeable, lightweight, and super-powerful, ZEK minimizes the bother and maximizes the clean. It makes home vacuuming an easier and happier job. We are the best rechargeable vacuum cleaner factory. ZEK is the best cyclonic vacuum cleaner supplier in China.Best ODM hand vacuum cleaner supplier, OEM home vacuum cleaner manufacturer. Inquire us now!
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