Wet and Dry Floor Scrubbing Cleaner Mop Polishing Waxing Disinfectant Applicable

Wet and Dry Floor Scrubbing Cleaner Mop Polishing Waxing Disinfectant Applicable

Cleaning your floors every day is a big headache if you don't have a good household cleaning appliance. Z E K offers you the best quality wireless vacuum cleaners and wet and dry cleaning mop at very affordable prices.


A wet and dry wireless floor scrubber mop can not only mop dry debris on the hard floors but also wash the floor and clean it at the same time. Wash and mop all in one multi-purpose wet and dry scrubber mop.


Let’s take a look at its outlook and get to know the basic functions it has.

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We adopt an ergonomic design for the handle. On the handle, there are two buttons. The lower one is the power button. The upper one is for changing cleaning modes from wet mopping mode to dry mopping mode. There is another use of the mode switch button. When you finish cleaning and place the machine on the charging and cleaning dock. Once the battery quantity reaches 10%, approximately 20 minutes charge after a full discharge, you can start the brush roller self-cleaning function by pressing the upper mode switch button. The self-cleaning functions consumes clean water much faster than normal mopping mode. Let us show you how it works advancing the display of the other functions.


The handle rod is removable by pressing the button at the back of the main body.


The front side of the main body is a digital display screen for showing battery quantity, dry mopping mode, waster water tank alarm, wet mopping mode, clean water tank alarm. It clearly shows the working status. All the indicator lights will flash one by one in the process of self-cleaning.


At the back side of the main unit, you can find a removable clean water tank. Tank capacity is 470ml. Press down the slide button and remove the clean water tank. Flip the black plastic tank lid and refill clean water. Floor care cleaning liquids are applicable. Be sure to add low foam-level cleaning formula or add moderate quantity of the floor cleaner. To much foam will make the dirty water tank full in a short time and foam will spill and spread around the brush on the floor, leaving messy foam streaks on your cleaning path.


The waste water tank is designed on the brush. Inside the brush cover, there is a gear box. It brings higher torque at a low power consumption level. Noise is lighter and performance is better.


The brush roller is of high density nylon. The performance is more stable and cleaning effect is much stronger. The aging process of the brush roller is much longer as well. Usually you have to replace the roller every 3 months. But this one, you can change it every 6 month. Will not compromise the cleaning experience.


The water tanks are all clear ABS. When the indicator lights flash. You can check the cleaning water quantity and waste water tank situation conveniently.


Grab the waster water tank, roll up the cover, dump the waste water, rinse it, and put back for reuse. If the floor is filthy and dirty with much dry debris stuck on the brush and tank holder. You have to rinse the brush roller and tank holder base before putting the waste water tank back.


Only original charger is allowed for recharging the machine. Non-original charger may cause failure of self-cleaning function.


It is quite a convenient and efficient household wireless wet and dry floor scrubbing mop.

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