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Vacuum Cleaner for Carpet and Sofa|Products|ZEK

Are you looking for a powerful vacuum cleaner for carpet and sofa? Latest cleaners are now available at ZEK, helping you to swipe the dirt away on the soft surface.

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What is a carpet sofa vacuum cleaner?

I don’t know if you have such troubles. The seemingly clean carpet at home becomes dirtier than expected after a long time of use. The vacuum cleaner at home can only absorb dust and cannot be washed. There are also some mattresses, cushions, and small stools. The fabric is not very easy to remove. Generally, when you encounter stains, you can only wash them with soapy water, and then wipe them clean. Sometimes they can't be washed off at all, and water stains are still everywhere. The function of the fabric cleaning machine is to solve such problems. It sprays water mixed with detergent to dissolve the stains through the high-pressure internal action, and then repeatedly scrubs the stains with a brush. The dirt and sewage are quickly sucked into the waste water tank. Common sofas, curtains, carpets, cushions, and dolls played by babies can be cleaned, especially in families with children, who like to touch and touch everywhere, and often make the sofa at home dirty. With the sofa cover, the stain will seep in, which is very difficult to take care of. But with a vacuum cleaner for carpet and sofa, the problem can be solved very well.

How often should you clean your carpet and sofas?

We need to analyze the family carpet according to our own situation. If the population of the family is relatively small, but if there are children, we should pay attention. The family carpet with children is particularly easy to get dirty. Carpet, then it can be considered that it is advisable to clean the carpet once every two months or so. But if it is a local carpet, it can usually be cleaned in about a month; it is best if the sofa can be cleaned once a week because the guardrails and cushions of the sofa are easy to get dirty. Of course, how often to clean the carpet and the sofa should be based on the actual situation at home, because the fabric cleaner is easy to use, and when there are stains in some places in the house, you can use the machine to clean it at any time, because it doesn’t take much time to clean it, and the machine is small And it is relatively light, so it is very convenient to prepare a cloth art cleaning machine at home.

How to choose the best vacuum cleaner for carpet and sofa ?

Cleaning your carpet and sofa every day is a big headache if you don't have a good vacuum cleaner for carpet and sofa. Zek offers you the best quality vacuum cleaner for carpet and sofa at very affordable prices.


A clean home is a healthy home. And to keep your home clean you need a good vacuum cleaner for carpet and sofa that can easily clean not only your floors but also your bed, carpet, and sofa. We all know how hard it is to clean a carpet or a sofa. Expensive carpets require more attention and care, so cleaning them is not easy. But how would you know which vacuum cleaner is best for your most expensive carpet and sofa?


How to choose the right vacuum cleaner for carpet and sofa?


There are many things you need to consider before you purchase a vacuum cleaner for carpet and sofa, such as the vacuum types, carpet fibers, cleaning performance, price, useability, vacuum quality, etc. Not every vacuum cleaner is suitable for cleaning your carpet and sofa.


Vacuum types:


Usually, there are two major types of vacuum cleaner for carpet and sofa. These two are uprights and canisters. Upright vacuum cleaners can easily clean synthetic, nylon, olefin, or polyester carpets and sofas. You can also turn off the revolving brush ability when you're cleaning floors. It also includes onboard attachments, integrated extension hoses, and many canister vacuum features.


On the other hand, canister vacuums are more versatile and used by the rest of the world. You can easily clean your carpet, sofa, and other furniture as well as floors and roofs. It has a hose and wand, which can easily clean the narrow, dirty corners of your home.


Carpet Fibers:


Nowadays, you can only find carpets that are made of synthetic fibers, primarily nylon, or olefin or polyester fibers. Synthetic fibers are very durable and you can use any vacuum cleaner for carpet and sofa on them without any fear of fiber damage. However, if you have a natural fiber-based carpet or woolen carpet, then you need to be extra careful since woolen fibers are the most delicate fibers. So you can use a high-power aggressive vacuum cleaner on it.


Vacuum Cleaner Performance:


Before you choose the right vacuum cleaner for carpet and sofa, you need to consider how much power you will require. You must know its performance and cleaning ability.


Ease of Use:


If you buy a vacuum cleaner for carpet and sofa that has all specifications and a wide range of features, chances are it's too hard to use. More features can make it more complex to use. So know your requirements and choose a vacuum cleaner for carpet and sofa that can meet those requirements. More specifications can make the vacuum heavier as well.




The capacity or the storage depends on the size of the dust bag or cup. If it's bigger, then you no longer need to change it frequently. Plus, if you have a bigger room and have pets, there will be more soil to remove. A vacuum cleaner with a big capacity is then the best choice.


Where to buy the best vacuum cleaner for carpet and sofa ?


Looking for the best vacuum for carpet and sofa? ZEK has got you covered. Our carpet vacuum cleaners are easy to use, have a bigger capacity, and guarantee to eliminate 100% dust particles from your carpet surface. So visit our website and place the order today.

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