Cleaning laminate floors with steam mop | Cordless cleaner | ZEK

Cleaning laminate floors with steam mop | Cordless cleaner | ZEK

Why do you need a steam mop? Cleaning with cordless steam mop is easy and convenient. With steam mop that can swiftly remove stains and scuffs from your laminate floors.    

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Why Should You Buy Cordless Floor Steam Cleaner?

Cordless floor steam cleaners are very versatile floor cleaners and are a great way to clean tough surfaces. If you are thinking of purchasing one, then Zek is your ultimate destination.

A versatile cordless floor steam cleaner is always a good investment for keeping your floors and windows clean. It's suitable for cleaning laminate floors with steam mops, plus a cordless floor steam cleaner can also be used to clean carpets, curtains, pillows and other things. Are you still confused on what to buy? Then read the full article.

What are the advantages of using cordless floor steam cleaners?

A cordless floor steam cleaner is best for cleaning laminate floors with steam mop. It's a must-have cleaning accessory for your house. Here are some of the benefits of buying a cordless floor steam cleaner.


A cordless floor steam cleaner can be used for multi-purpose. You cannot only use them for cleaning laminate floors with steam mop but also for cleaning your carpets and pillow cushions. Usually, they are used for deep cleaning and disinfecting hard floors and carpets, blasting stubborn soap bubbles in the bathroom, removing built-up grease and grime from the oven, and even cleaning your barbecue. So you can almost clean anything using a cordless floor steam cleaner.

Less expensive:

We all know that floor cleaners do not come cheap. So if you are deciding to buy a floor cleaner, then it's better to buy a floor cleaner that is an all-in-one solution. That way you don't have to buy different floor cleaners for cleaning different places of your house. It will also help you not to overspend on your cleaning products.

Helps to disinfect:

Cleaning laminate floors with steam mop is a great way to disinfect your hard floors without damaging them. The steam produced from the cleaning machine can easily kill 99.9% of germs and bacteria. So keep your family safe with a floor steam cleaner.


Steam mops don't require any detergent. It helps to decline the amount of chemicals that go down the drain and back into the water supply after each cleaning. Steam mops release steam to clean and disinfect your floors. That's why it's a more environmentally friendly option.

Will steam cleaning damage floors?

Steam cleaning is a popular method for deep cleaning various surfaces, including floors. It uses hot water vapor to sanitize and remove dirt, stains, and bacteria from surfaces, making it an efficient and environmentally friendly way of cleaning. However, there is often confusion regarding whether or not steam cleaning can damage floors.

The answer to this question depends on the type of floor you are cleaning and the type of steam cleaner you are using. For instance, hardwood floors are generally more susceptible to damage than other types of flooring when it comes to steam cleaning. This is because steam cleaning can cause moisture to seep into the hardwood and cause it to warp or crack.

Similarly, laminate floors can also be damaged by steam cleaning if the steam cleaner's temperature is too high, which can cause the adhesive that holds the laminate together to weaken, leading to warping or bubbling of the laminate. but you don't have to worry about the temperature of our steam mop being too high, because our products have been tested and are suitable for home use.

On the other hand, tile and stone floors are less susceptible to damage from steam cleaning. These surfaces are generally more durable and can withstand the high temperatures and moisture associated with steam cleaning.

When it comes to choosing a steam cleaner, it is essential to consider the type of flooring you have and select a cleaner that is appropriate for that surface. There are different types of steam cleaners on the market, including handheld steam cleaners and larger units designed for larger surfaces.

If you are unsure about whether steam cleaning is suitable for your floors, it is always best to consult with a professional cleaning service or the manufacturer of your flooring. They can provide you with specific guidelines on how to clean and maintain your floors, including whether or not steam cleaning is recommended.

In conclusion, steam cleaning can be an effective way to clean floors, but it is essential to use the correct technique and equipment for your flooring type. 

Which floors are not suitable for cleaning with a steam mop?

Steam mops have become increasingly popular in recent years due to their ability to provide a chemical-free way of cleaning floors. They are a great way to remove dirt, dust, and stains from hard floors, but not all floors are suitable for steam mopping. In this article, we will discuss the floors that are not suitable for cleaning with a steam mop.

Unsealed Floors

Unsealed floors, such as hardwood floors, are not suitable for cleaning with a steam mop. The steam can penetrate the small gaps and cracks in the wood and cause the boards to expand, which can result in warping and cupping. The heat from the steam can also cause the finish to peel off or become discolored, which can be expensive to repair. Therefore, it is recommended that hardwood floors be cleaned using a specialized hardwood floor cleaner that is designed for this purpose.

Laminate Floors

Laminate floors are also not suitable for cleaning with a steam mop. Although they are durable and easy to maintain, the heat and moisture from the steam can cause the adhesive between the layers to loosen, which can cause the floor to warp or buckle. Additionally, the high heat can cause the protective coating to peel off, which can damage the floor's appearance.

Vinyl Floors

Although vinyl floors are water-resistant and easy to clean, they are not suitable for cleaning with a steam mop. The heat and moisture from the steam can cause the vinyl to warp or shrink, which can result in unsightly gaps between the planks or tiles. Additionally, the steam can damage the adhesive between the planks or tiles, causing them to come loose and potentially causing a tripping hazard.

Delicate Flooring

Delicate flooring such as marble or other natural stone floors are not suitable for cleaning with a steam mop. The high heat and moisture from the steam can cause the surface of the stone to become dull or even crack, leading to expensive repairs. Additionally, the steam can cause the grout between the tiles to become discolored or weakened, which can also result in costly repairs.

In conclusion, not all floors are suitable for cleaning with a steam mop. Unsealed floors, laminate floors, vinyl floors, and delicate flooring such as marble or other natural stone floors should be cleaned using specialized cleaning products designed for that particular type of flooring. By following these recommendations, you can keep your floors looking great and extend their lifespan.

What to consider before buying a floor steam cleaner?

Here are some of the things you should consider before buying a cordless floor steam cleaner for cleaning laminate floors with steam mop.

· Cleaning pads – Make sure that the cleaning pads are made from microfiber to clean and disinfect floors.

· Anti-calc filters – This filter allows you to use the normal tank water, even if you live in a place with hard water.

· Angled jet nozzle – This feature allows you to reach the hard corners.

· Compact scrub brush – Let you scrub the stains that are tough to remove.

· Indicator light – Make sure that your vacuum has an indicator light to let you know when the steam will be ready.

Picking the Best Brand of Steam Cleaner

When you’re choosing a steam cleaner, you should consider many things such as your budget, house structure, lifestyle, etc. There are so many brands that offer various types of steam cleaner that it can be confusing sometimes. However, there is one brand that gives you a complete solution for your cordless floor steam cleaner. Zek is the best choice for a steam cleaner. They sell the best steam cleaners for cleaning laminate floors with steam mop. So visit our website for the best cordless floor steam cleaner and buy the one that suits your requirements.

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Suzhou Zhengyikai Electric Appliance Co., Ltd was established in 2013. ZEK focuses on electric home appliances. The main products are vacuum cleaners, steam mop, commercial floor washing machines. We are committed to providing customers with one-stop home appliance services. There are more than 100 workers in our factory. We have five engineers to support our R&D department to develop new vacuum cleaners. With DC and BDLC motor cleaners, we can also offer you car vacuum cleaners, stick vacuum cleaners, handheld vacuum cleaners, and wet and dry vacuum cleaner. Our goods sold well both at home and abroad. Customers from America, Australia, and Japan said ZEK's cleaner quality is good and service is also good. Our cleaner also passed KC, FCC, CE, ROHS, PSE, UL certificates. Warmly welcome to visit our website to know more!
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