Electric scrubbing mop | Best floor mop and vacuum| ZEK

Electric scrubbing mop | Best floor mop and vacuum| ZEK

Why is electric scrubbing mop the best floor mop and vacuum? It actively clean floors, producing outstanding results while saving your time and energy.  

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Clean Your House Properly With The Best Electric Scrubbing Mop By ZEK

Mopping is essential to keep your house clean, and with the best electric floor mop and vacuum offered by ZEK, you can now do it effortlessly.

An electric floor mop and vacuum can ease the cleaning by eliminating all the hazards. It helps you clean your floor easily and eliminates all those stubborn and filthy organisms. Traditional mopping techniques are not only tiring but also hazardous. Moreover, traditional techniques do not offer complete cleaning as those stubborn germs, and unhealthy microbes cannot be eliminated by using those techniques. The most problematic issue with traditional mopping techniques is that one needs to face several hazards to clean a single mess. Not with the best electric scrubbing mop.

What is an electric scrubbing mop?

An electric floor mop and vacuum or scrubbing mop can efficiently clean your floor surface without ruining it. It is the most hazard-free technology to clean your flooring as this mop not only deals with any mess but also keeps the flooring intact for years.

Floors are the main part of your home interior, so it is your responsibility to keep it clean. Not only because of the interior but also because one needs to keep the flooring clean to prevent the growth of harmful bacteria and viruses. Especially if there is a toddler in your house, you should be very careful about your floor hygiene. An electric floor mop does the job efficiently and quickly. An electric floor mop is powered by electricity and developed in a way so that it can save time and energy and offers a squeaky clean floor while taking care of your flooring material. It is a must-have product that you should have in your house to avoid regular cleaning hazards.

What is the best electric scrubbing mop?

Mop E-11 and Mop E-11L are the best electric scrubbing mops available in the recent market that you can purchase at an affordable rate from ZEK. While developing these mops, our manufacturing team made sure to keep in mind all your basic requirements. These are the best electric floor mop and vacuums that can be your best cleaning companion. Both come with a high suction rate and can efficiently mop out germs and dust particles from your floor surface. Whether you have a marble flooring or wooden flooring, these mops are ideal for you and can be the best match for your house. They can efficiently deal with both wet and dry messes and offer a seamless cleaning that you would definitely love. Using any of them, you can deal with stubborn spills and stains effortlessly and keep your house clean and tidy. As they are easy to install, wireless, and extremely lightweight, you can take them to every corner of your house and clean it properly without worrying about the socket.

What are the differences between an electric floor mop and a vacuum?

Though both electric floor mop and vacuum are used for cleaning purposes, they are completely different from each other. A vacuum cleaner is made to suck all the dust particles, debris from carpet, floor and other surfaces, whereas an electric floor mop is designed to soak liquid and clean surfaces such as floors, windows, etc.

The basic difference between an electric mop and a vacuum is that vacuum deals with only dry messes and an electric floor mop deals with liquid messes and stains that cannot be sucked.

Both of them are cleaning gadgets, but their applications are completely different as a vacuum cleaner is specially made to deal with dust and other small particles, whereas an electric floor mop is specially developed to deal with spills and stains. Both are used for completely different purposes.

At ZEK, our manufacturers understand that using two different gadgets can be hazardous, so we have developed an electric floor mop and vacuum that comes with the features of both an electric floor mop and a vacuum cleaner. Our scrubbing mops not only can mop out stains but also can suck in the debris.

How to use the best electric scrubbing mop by ZEK?

It is extremely easy to use our electric scrubbing mop to clean or wash your flooring, as while developing this gadget, our team members took special care of developing it in a way so that anyone can handle it without any issues. It is extremely lightweight and wireless. You will need to charge it for 3 to 4 hours and clean your house without any hazards. You'll be able to see buttons that are easy to navigate on the device, and that is how one can easily understand how to use this user-friendly gadget to clean their houses. One thing we should mention is that, like any wet and dry vacuum cleaner, this gadget also comes with two detachable containers of wet and dry messes. You will need to set the container that matches your requirements before cleaning. It is the only thing one should keep in mind.

It also comes with a guidebook that you can follow in case of any kind of confusion, and if you still have some queries, our customer care executives are at your service 24/7 to clear all your doubts.

Zek offers the best electric scrubbing mop for effortless mopping

Zek is the best electric scrubbing mop for your floors so that you can clean your floors properly without scrubbing much.

Our electric scrubbing mops can deal with any kind of mess, no matter how stubborn they are. We offer two types of electric scrubbing mops, electric spinning mops and electric rotary mops Let's look at our best electric scrubbing mops 2022

Mop E-11

It is an electric rotary mop that has a power of 40w and a water tank of 400 ml. It is a mop that can be the perfect match for your house. This electric floor mop and vacuum will eliminate the dust particles from your floors and mop them properly. The best part is that it is rechargeable and you don't have to find a socket nearby. It is easy to access and is perfect for polishing, waxing, mopping and cleaning.

Mop E-11 L

It is also an amazing mop that can clean your floors perfectly and take care of your flooring material. This mop is ideal for mopping, waxing, and polishing. Also, it is rechargeable and wireless so that you can clean every part of your house flooring. It is an electric spinning mop that comes with a disposable head and many other impressive features.

We offer these electric floor mop and vacuums at a reasonable price to our customers. These are the best electric scrubbing mops that are made while keeping in mind all your cleaning related requirements.

Being the best electric floor mop and vacuum manufacturers, we take care of the functionalities of our products. These serve quick cleanups and also are extremely lightweight and easy to handle.

Our electric floor mops and vacuums not only clean the floor and eliminate dust and germs from the floor surface but also help you to keep your expensive flooring intact for years. These electric floor mop and vacuums polish the floor properly to increase the longevity of your flooring material.

If you are thinking about whether it is a nice idea to purchase an electric mopping machine, let us tell you that an electric mopping machine is very efficient and convenient. It will help you to clean every portion of your house flooring without any hazards. Traditional mopping can be very hazardous. On the other hand, an electric mopping machine will help you to deal with stubborn stains and spills with minimum effort.

As one of the biggest electric floor mop and vacuum suppliers, our manufacturers have developed the best electric scrubbing mops that are easy to install, wireless, and extremely lightweight. These also have amazing looks and can be the perfect match for your house and be your best cleaning partner.

Cleaning is very important to keep yourself and your family members healthy. Regular cleaning eliminates the germs and viruses from your flooring surfaces. Especially if you have toddlers in your house, cleaning is a necessity.

With traditional cleaning methods, it will take hours to clean a house properly. Not anymore, as with an electric floor mop, you can do regular cleanups and deal with any spill within a few minutes.

Get the best electric scrubbing mop from Zek

We are one of the best electric scrubbing mop suppliers in Asia. We understand your requirements, and that's why we have developed these mops that can help you to keep your house clean and fresh without any hazards. You'll not have to invest hours in cleaning your house as we have a 360-degree cleaning solution for you so that you can keep your family healthy.

We have a huge range of vacuums and cleaning mops. Go through our website to find your perfect match.

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1.Is an electric floor mop and vacuum ideal for wooden flooring?

The mop-vacuums offered by us are completely suitable with different types of floorings, including the wooden flooring.

2.Can children use an electric vacuum mop?

They are completely safe and are also ideal to teach your children how to clean the house and other responsibilities.

best electric scrubbing mop electric floor mop and vacuum
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