Electric Mop vs Steam Mop: Which one is right for you?|ZEK

Electric Mop vs Steam Mop: Which one is right for you?|ZEK

Electric Mop vs Steam Mop: Unlike the conventional one, electric mop is known as time-saving and easy to use. On the flip side,steam mop is more energy efficient.    

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Get The Best Electric And Steam Mop From Zek

Thinking about buying a new mopping solution for your house? There are two options that you can go for, the first one is an electric mop and the second one is a steam mop. To decide which one to choose, you just have to know the difference between these two mopping solutions. Let's know

Electric mop vs steam mop

1. Electric mop vs steam mop - cleaning

When you choose an electric mop, it uses basic functions to clean the floor properly. Though it can eliminate tough stains from the floor surfaces, steam mops usually take less time for that. Steam mop uses the power of steam to clean the floor surface, and that's why it takes less time to clean any mess. Electric mops are the best for quick cleanups and it is very easy to use. Steam mop not only cleans the mess but also this mop sanitizes the floor surface and eliminates germs and bacteria. Steam mops are used for ultimate cleaning performance and on the other hand, electric mops such as electric spin mops are usually used for fast and easy cleanups

2. Electric mop vs steam mop. - flooring

A steam mop uses the power of steam and that's why it is not suitable for all types of flooring. Though a spin mop can be the best option to remove stubborn stains from floor surfaces, the steam is not suitable for every flooring option. It is not suitable for wooden or laminate flooring and the floorings with gaps such as vinyl tiles or vinyl planking. On the other hand, electric mops are suitable for all floors. one thing that should be mentioned is that steam mops use only steam and water, electric mops may need phenyl and other floor cleaning elements that can rough for some floors.

3. Electric mop vs steam mop - daily use

An electric mop is a better option for daily use and on the other hand, a steam mop is the best option for cleaning stubborn stains from the floor and sanitizing your floor. It is because an electric mop is easier to handle and a steam mop can sometimes be complicated. If you are looking for a steam mop with no complications, you can go for our Steam mop K-5, which is an amazing mop with sanitizing facilities and ultimate cleaning.

4. Electric mop vs steam mop - removable head

In contrast to the steam mop, electric mops such as electric spin mops come with a removable head that can be cleaned easily.

Get a steam mop or electric mop today from Zek

Zek has the best collection of various cleaning solutions, including steam mops and electric mops. We have two types of electric mops which are spin mops and rotary mops. You can also get cordless electric mops if you want, as we also have rechargeable mops so that you can clean your house without finding a socket. We have the best quality steam mops, such as K-5, that have amazing looks and amazing features. These mops are made to clean stubborn stains and sanitize your house entirely without any hazards. Though steam mops usually have more weight than electric mops, our best-in-class steam mops are comparatively lightweight and easy to use. Our steam and electric mops are manufactured for a complete cleaning solution.

Contact us today to take your cleaning equipment home with our best-in-class service.

electric mop vs steam mop
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