Make Your Cleaning Easy With An Efficient Stick Vacuum Cleaner


As a trusted stick vacuum cleaner manufacturer, ZEK has operated with four assembly lines and produce a wide variety of high performing cleaners over 10 years.

Make Your Cleaning Easy With An Efficient Stick Vacuum Cleaner
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The 6 Best Stick Vacuum Cleaners Of 2022

ZEK offers high-quality stick vacuum cleaners to clean every corner of your house effortlessly and efficiently within a few minutes so that you can enjoy a satisfying experience of cleaning.

Traditional cleaning techniques can be hazardous and tiring, so you need our high-quality stick vacuum cleaner to clean your house without any hazards. In this era, we need a quick and effortless solution for everything, and daily chores are no exception. In this busy era, technical advancement has taken over, providing us with time-saving solutions for different purposes to elevate the standard of living. Using traditional cleaning techniques, even traditional vacuum cleaners cannot meet the standards of living nowadays as the traditional vacuum cleaners are not only heavyweight, but it is tough to clean every corner of your house by using them, especially if you have different types of surfaces in your house, it will be next impossible to clean them properly by using traditional cleaning techniques or vacuum cleaners.

Stick vacuum cleaners are extremely easy to use, and you can clean every corner of your house in one go without investing hours. It is a time-saving and effortless technology that will help you clean your entire house properly but also will help you to keep the material of several surfaces intact for years as the stick cleaners offered by our manufacturers are developed to pamper almost every surface in a household. We also offer cordless and rechargeable stick handheld vacuum cleaners so that you don't have to bother about the socket while cleaning your house.

Cleaning is something you cannot avoid as it is not only connected with the looks of your house and the interior, but it is also deeply related to the well-being of your family members. A healthy family always lives in a healthy house, and that's why you need to clean every corner and surface of your house properly and eliminate those stubborn dust particles and germs from them. If you love to elevate the standard of your house by using expensive carpets, the cleaning can be more tiring as the traditional vacuum cleaners are not ideal for cleaning those carpets and removing the stubborn tiny particles from them. Our technicians understand this issue, and that's why we offer multifunctional vacuum cleaners that you can use on every surface of your house. You can use them to clean your floor, carpet, room corners, and anything else that needs to be cleaned.

Why choose the best stick vacuum cleaners from Zek?

There are several reasons why you should choose the best vacuum cleaner sticks from us. Here we have mentioned some of the reasons.

Ideal for different surfaces

The stick vacuum cleaners offered by us are ideal for different surfaces. You can use these vacuum cleaners to clean your floor surface as well as your carpet surface and eliminate tiny dust particles, pet hair, harmful microorganisms, etc. from them. These high-quality vacuum cleaners not only clean the surfaces but also pamper the material to keep them intact for years.

Easy to use

Unlike traditional heavyweight vacuum cleaners, these vacuum cleaners are extremely lightweight and handy so that you can clean every corner of your house without any hassles. They are extremely easy to use, and one can clean the entire house in one go by using them. These are time-saving, so you can invest your precious time in more important things. These cleaners are so easy to use that you can also teach your children to clean without any worries, as cleaning by using these vacuum cleaners is child's play.


We also offer cordless stick vacuum cleaners as we know that it is next to impossible to find a socket to clean every corner of your house, and also, some people find it difficult to deal with the long cord. We offer rechargeable vacuum cleaners that come with long battery lives.

High-quality and feature-rich

All these stick vacuum cleaners offered by our highly experienced team are high-quality and feature-rich. They are not only long-lasting, but also you can get an efficient vacuum cleaning stick at an affordable price from us. These vacuum cleaners come with a high-power mechanism and high suction rate for a deep and efficient cleaning experience that you would definitely love.

Introducing our six best stick vacuum cleaners that can be your perfect companion for cleaning

Here, we have mentioned 6 types of products that we offer to our customers. All of them are quality products that can meet all your requirements.

1. The best vacuum cleaner by Zek

ZEK E-24 BLDC 20KPA is the best handheld vacuum cleaner that you can purchase today to make cleaning fun. Unlike traditional vacuum cleaners, it is extremely easy to handle and work with. It is a high-power stick vacuum cleaner that comes with an amazing suction rate ( 20 kpa) and a brushless motor for complete cleaning. It offers two levels of suction target cleaning, so you can use it according to your preferences. It can be the perfect match for your house as it is not only time-saving but also has a deep cleaning mechanism.

As we have said before, we understand how problematic it is to find a socket nearby to clean an area, and that's why this vacuum cleaner is rechargeable and cordless so that you can clean every corner of your house without bothering about the socket. It comes with 2200mAh, which takes between 4 to 5 hours to get fully charged, and once it is completely charged, you can use it to clean your entire house in one go.

Its multi-angle rotation cleaning technology is perfect for cleaning without avoiding any edges. It is the perfect vacuum cleaner for cleaning every corner of your house, and not only that; it is ideal for any kind of flooring. Its front searchlight will help you to clean any mess even in the dark, and also it comes with a noise reduction technology to eliminate the noise that can irritate your neighbors.

You'll get it with a two-in-one dusting brush that is ideal to clean small surfaces such as computer keyboards or table corners and a long flat suction tool for cleaning the gapings. It is the perfect match for your house and is an all-in-one vacuum that can help you to experience hazard-free cleaning.

2. The best cordless vacuum cleaner by Zek

Zek's K-8 BLDC handheld vacuum cleaner is undoubtedly the best cordless stick vacuum cleaner that you can bring home today. It is not only an amazing cleaner that can help you to clean every corner of your house, but it is also a time-saving option that will allow you to clean your entire house within a few minutes. It comes with amazing motor power of 150w or 250w that you can set according to your preference.

Just like the previous one, it is also completely wireless, and you don't have to worry about the socket anymore as it is also rechargeable and comes with an amazing 2200mAh battery that takes 4 to 5 hours to get completely charged. It is not only a lightweight handheld vacuum cleaner by which you can clean your floor and house corners efficiently but also it comes with several extensions so that you can use this amazing vacuum cleaner to clean literally everything. We offer a standard round brush, 2-in-1 crevice brush, electric velvet brush, optional electric mite brush, cleaning brush, electric tangle-free brush for multi-purpose, and electric spinning mop brush with this stick vacuum cleaner. So, by using this single vacuum cleaner, you can clean your house, car, furniture, and more.

It is the best handheld vacuum cleaner that comes with two suction rate preferences. With a suction of 150w at the eco speed of 9kpa, you can use this vacuum cleaner for around 35 minutes, and when you use the eco speed of 15 with the same suction rate, you can use it for around 20 minutes. On the other hand, with the high suction rate of 250w at the eco speed of 12 kpa, this vacuum cleaner will work for around 20 minutes, and if you elevate the eco speed to 20 kpa, which is the maximum level, you can use it for around 10 minutes.

With a 700ml dust cap capacity, it is the best device that your house can have.

3. The best lightweight vacuum cleaner by Zek

K-8 is not only the best handheld vacuum cleaner offered by our manufacturers but also the best lightweight vacuum cleaner you can have for your house. It is so lightweight that anyone can use it for cleaning purposes, and you can even teach your children to clean by using this handheld and lightweight vacuum cleaner without any worries.

Not only is this vacuum cleaner extremely lightweight and extremely easy to work with, but it is also a powerful vacuum cleaner that can deep clean almost any surface without ruining the material. It is an ideal vacuum cleaner for both your flooring and your carpet surface for, offering you an all-in-one cleaning experience. It is a time-saving handheld vacuum cleaner that comes with two suction rate preferences, one is 150w, and the other one is 250w. It not only removes the loose dust particles from different surfaces but also it can efficiently remove those stubborn and stuck soil and germ particles that can spread diseases in your house environment.

It is also extremely easy to install and use as it comes with simple navigation and buttons so that anyone can use it without getting confused. Despite being efficient at executing complex cleaning processes, this vacuum cleaner is user-friendly. While developing this amazing piece of gadget, our technicians took special care of user-friendliness so that you can experience the most satisfying and hazard-free experience of cleaning your house. Along with different extensions for different surfaces and purposes, it is a cleaner that you need to clean your house, car, furniture, electronics, or anything else. Get this amazing cleaner at a reasonable price today from ZEK.

4. The best-corded vacuum cleaner by Zek

If you are looking for a corded vacuum cleaner so that you can use that cleaner as long as you want and you don't have to worry about running out of charge, we have the right solution for you. Our A9 corded canister vacuum cleaner is exactly what you want. It is properly tested and proven to be completely safe and not prone to any kind of electricity leakage. It can efficiently suck up dust, pet hair, and water simultaneously, making it one of the best vacuum cleaners you can have. It has a suction rate of 16 kpa for cleaning pet hair and an AC power of 300w. If you have a pet in your house, nothing can be better than this vacuum cleaner, as pet hair can make your house unhygienic and spread diseases. Especially if you also have a toddler in your house, you have to be extra careful about the pet hair, and that's why this is what you need. Your pets are completely safe with this gadget.

We also offer a pet special brush head and a wet and dry blowing head with the machine. With a 20L dust capacity, it is ideal for your house. As you prefer corded vacuum cleaners, let us tell you that it has a 15 m long cord which means it can easily cover a wide area without any hassles. The cord is long enough to cover every corner and every portion of your house effortlessly. It is a completely pet-friendly gadget that is also 100% authentic and certified by CE-EMC, CCC, CE-LVD, CB, FCC, KC, PSE, CA65, CEC, and ROHS.

Contact us today to bring home this amazing corded vacuum cleaner if you are also looking for an easy option to deal with your pet hair.

5. The best anti-mite UV vacuum cleaner offered by ZEK

Are you irritated with mites in your house and desperately want to get rid of them? We have the ideal solution for you so that you can deal with those stubborn mites effortlessly. Zek's E-6 is a lightweight and handheld stick vacuum cleaner that you can use to get rid of those mites. Mites are a matter of concern as they not only ruin the environment of your house but also ruin different materials and products, especially mattresses. You need to take proper steps to keep your products safe from these unwanted guests, which is why it is the best anti-mite vacuum cleaner you need to bring home today.

With an amazing suction rate of 14 kpa, this vacuum cleaner can deal with mites, dust, small particles, dandruff, exfoliation, horniness, etc., efficiently and effortlessly. You cannot deal with mites manually and you would need a specialist to deal with them. They are famous for ruining assets and our team doesn't want it to happen. That's why we offer this amazing vacuum cleaner that offers the power of UV rays to protect your assets. By using the power of UV rays, it can efficiently disinfect your bedding, sofa, car, etc.

The AC motor of this machine is 300w, and the nit size is 345*230*100mm. It has a standard cord length of 4 meters and four wheels at the bottom to glide the machine effortlessly on any surface. One thing that should be mentioned is that this vacuum cleaner is completely made to deal with mites and suck dry dust particles, and it cannot be used for sucking any liquid.

Booking your appointment for pest control is not only time-consuming but also extremely expensive. Moreover, no one can guarantee that the mites will not return after the pest control, and that's why you need this amazing UV vacuum cleaner to deal with those stubborn mites on your own.

6. The best budget vacuum cleaner by Zek

Zek's E-18 handheld stick vacuum cleaner is the best budget vacuum cleaner that you can purchase at an affordable price for your home. Not only this vacuum cleaner is amazingly efficient, but also it can help you to clean your house within a few minutes effortlessly. It comes with a DC motor and has an amazing suction rate of 7-8kpa. This is a lightweight vacuum cleaner that you can easily take to every corner of your house without getting tired. Unlike traditional vacuum cleaners, it comes with an easy-to-use interface which means anyone can easily use this amazing vacuum cleaner without getting confused. If you are willing to teach your children how to do the cleaning, nothing can be better than this handheld stick vacuum cleaner.

It is also a wireless vacuum cleaner that comes with an amazing battery life so that you don't need to find a socket every time you need to clean something. Also, it is a multi-purpose cleaner that you can use for both your house and your car. As it is a portable vacuum cleaner, you can also carry it while traveling.

All of us know how important a rotating head is for a vacuum cleaner. This handheld lightweight vacuum cleaner is not only able to rotate its head for complete cleaning, but it also comes with a light setup that can rotate 180 degrees. So that you don't have to compromise cleaning because of light and can easily clean the dark corners of your house, especially under the furniture. In short, it can efficiently meet all the requirements of being the best lightweight handheld vacuum cleaner you can bring home for a satisfying cleaning experience.

Our manufacturers have made it while keeping in mind all your cleaning-related requirements. Our team offers this amazing vacuum cleaner at a really affordable and wholesale price to our customers, making it the best budget vacuum cleaner you can bring home to ease cleaning. It comes with a sofa suction, electric brush, wall hanger, and long flat head so that you can clean every corner of your house efficiently by using this vacuum cleaner.

How does Zek test cordless vacuums?

Being the largest manufacturer of stick vacuum cleaners, we give special attention to testing our products. Before offering you our high-quality products, we ensure that the products meet all the criteria precisely. Here is how we test our cordless vacuums.

Testing cordless vacuums on different flooring

Before offering our customers the products, we make sure that the vacuums can efficiently work on different flooring without affecting the flooring material. Flooring is an important part of every household, and also it elevates the standard of one's living. We ensure that our vacuum cleaners can pamper your expensive flooring material, which is why we test our vacuum cleaners on different flooring. We aim to offer you products that can keep your flooring intact for years, and that's why we never compromise with these tests. We have a separate team of knowledgeable members who make sure that the vacuum cleaners can efficiently work and clean different flooring materials.

Testing the cleaning ability of each cordless vacuum

Before providing you with our best-in-class cordless vacuum cleaners, we ensure that they can do what they should and meet all your cleaning requirements. We never compromise with the quality, which is why our technicians and knowledgeable team members ensure that every function of the vacuum cleaners is working correctly without any faults. The workability of the vacuum cleaners is tested before shipping as we always aim to provide you with what we promise.

All our vacuum cleaners are certified by the highest certifications and tested properly before shipping. You can enjoy a flawless cleaning experience by using our faultless high-quality products.

Ending words

Bring your clean companion to your house today. Order a high-quality stick vacuum cleaner through our website or contact us at +86-13584869089 today.

It can be problematic to clean a house with a heavyweight vacuum cleaner. Now, with the lightweight, high-quality stick vacuum cleaners by Zek, cleaning is easy and fun.

Many people face difficulties cleaning their houses, especially floors, carpets, etc. One has to bend in order to clean the floor, which can be very problematic, especially for old people. Not anymore! As now you can buy a stick vacuum cleaner to ease your work. With a stick vacuum cleaner, you don't need to bend to clean anything.

Why do you need a stick vacuum cleaner?

Stick vacuum cleaners are a revolutionary invention of science that eases the work to keep your house neat and clean. A clean house is all we need, but sometimes it can be difficult to clean it. With a stick vacuum cleaner, the cleaning process is very easy and fast. You don't have to bend to clean the floor or the carpet; you don't have to stand on a chair to clean the ceilings as with the stick vacuum cleaner; you can do everything with ease.

Stick vacuum cleaners are way handier than actual vacuum cleaners, and they are also less complicated as well. You can use these stick vacuum cleaners to clean almost every portion of your house.

Get stick vacuum cleaners for a clean environment in your house

A clean house spreads positivity among the house members, but it is not always possible to clean the floor and the ceiling corners every time as cleaning these parts of a house can be more tiring. Get a stick vacuum cleaner today to solve this problem, as cleaning is fun with a stick vacuum cleaner.

There are also rechargeable stick vacuum cleaners in the market so that you don't need to find the sockets near you to use that. You have to charge your stick vacuum cleaner and get it in any corner of your house. Stick vacuum cleaners are perfect for cleaning the floors. Whether you have dust, your pet's fur, mess, or anything else on the floor that you need to clean with a stick vacuum cleaner, it is a matter of seconds, and you don't need to get tired while doing this. Especially if you have a toddler or a pet in your house, it is the most efficient and useful gadget that you can have. It is not possible to clean a mess every time with a broom, and even if you clean it, it can turn into a mess all over again. A stick vacuum cleaner is what you need to handle this situation.

It is also great for floor carpets or mattresses. These kinds of things need to be deep cleaned in order to eliminate the dust particles and soil particles from them. The stick vacuum cleaners are efficient enough to clean almost everything and extract different kinds of particles from these fabric-based products.

A stick vacuum cleaner is also efficient in cleaning the corners of your house. We often avoid the corners as cleaning them can be time-consuming, but not with a stick vacuum cleaner. You can clean your corners within a few minutes by using this.

Where to buy a stick vacuum cleaner?

If you are looking for the best quality stick vacuum cleaner, We, Zek, are here at your service to provide you with a world-class product. Our K-7 and K-8 hand-held vacuum cleaners are not only handy but also rechargeable. They are lightweight stick vacuum cleaners so that you don't have any issues when working with them. We offer you this amazing product at an affordable price. Contact us today to take this amazing stick vacuum cleaner to your house.


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