ZEK K7 Vacuum Cleaner IEC Test Report 62133

ZEK K7 vacuum cleaner IEC Test Report 62133 真空吸尘器 IEC认证. This is an IEC test report 62133 for our K7 electric handheld vacuum. ZEK specializes in developing and manufacturing the best electric handheld vacuum cleaners. ZEK is one of the best wholesale electric handheld vacuum suppliers.

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Secondary Cells and Batteries Containing Alkaline or Other Non-AcidElectrolytes -Safety Requirements for Portable Sealed Secondary

Cells, and for Batteries Made from Them, for Use in Portable Applications

copy of marking plate:

The artwork below may be only a draft. The use of certification marks on a product must be authorized by the respective NC Bs that own these marks.

Rechargeable Li-ion Battery

Model: Li6A(6ICR19/66)22.2v 2200mAh 48.84Wh

Suzhou Zhengyikai Electric Appliance Con, Ltd.YYYY-MM-DD

Made in China

general product information and other remarks:

This battery pack comprises lithium cells and PCB circuit, providing with overcharge, over-discharge,short-Grcuis proof Grcuit as pat of protective effect.

The expected working conditions are as faliowiing:1 Nominal voltage: 222v

2.Rated capadty: 2200 mAh3Nomilnal charge cunrent:550 mA4Nominal decharge currenE:550 mA5Maximum charge currenE 1200 mA.6Maxllmumdischarge ourrent: 6500.mA7upper limt charging voliage:25,5v8.Discharge cut-dff voltage: 16,5V9Operatng temperaure:045℃Crcut :(Motor is used in the end product)

National Differences

Specific requirements and tests (lithium systems)over-current charging of cells (only used in a smartphone, tablet, notebook)

Each model shall be discharged at a constant current of 0,2IA,1o a in all discharge voltage specified by the manufacturer. The cells shall then be charged with a constant maximum expected output voltage and a current limit of three times the maximum charging current specified by the manufacturer. Charging duration is to be 5 hour;

the time required to reach the manufacturer's end charge conditions, whichever is greater.

Results: No fire, No explosion.

oration (batteries)only used in smartphone,tablet,codebook)

Results: No fire, No explosion, No leakageiMechanlicall shock (batteries)finally used in a smartphone, tablet, notebook)

results: No fire, No explosion, No leakageSpeclal national conditions

Definition for shape and materials of outer case Torcello.1 General


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