ZEK K7 Vacuum Cleaner KC Korea Testing Certification

ZEK K7 vacuum cleaner KC Korea Testing Certification 真空吸尘器. It is a KC Korea testing certification of our best wholesale general electric vacuum cleaner. ZEK is committed to developing and producing the best wholesale general electric vacuum cleaners. ZEK is one of the best wholesale general electric vacuum cleaner factories.

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The pictures are all about the KC certificate. This is a must certification for vacuum cleaners exported to the Korean market.

The test model is ZEK household vacuum cleaner K7.

Manufacture's address: 508 Xinfeng Road, Xukou Town, Wuzhong District, Suzhou, Jiangsu Province 215156, China

Application number: Xu101891-20002A

Standard: KC 62133(2019-02)

Battery: Li6A 22.2v 2200mAh

Marking of KC mark: marking shall comply with the article 37 of the enforcement rule of the electrical appliances and consumer products safety control act.


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