Why Is A Robot Vacuum Cleaner Expensive? What Are The Differences Between Robotic Cleaner And Handheld Vacuum Cleaner?

Why Is A Robot Vacuum Cleaner Expensive? What Are The Differences Between Robotic Cleaner And Handheld Vacuum Cleaner?

Suzhou ZEK designs and manufactures one type of robot vacuum cleaner. We are one of the best vacuum cleaner factories in China. ZEK is also a steam mop supplier. Here we are going to introduce our robotic cleaner E650, and try to explain why a robot cleaner is expensive a little bit from the perspective of a vacuum cleaner industry practitioner.

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There is an old saying in China, "The cheap one is not with good quality, the good quality always costs more. ". The ancient wisdom from our ancestors can still be applied to modern high-technology products, like our today's topic "robot vacuum cleaner".

There are so many types of intelligent robotic sweepers in the market, there are huge disparities between the cheap one and the expensive one. And it is always hard for general terminal customers to tell the differences just by the outlook and cover. The key factors that affect the cost are the inner functions and materials.



The navigation module is the most important part of a robot cleaner. The cheap robotic vacuum can not organize its routes after hitting an obstacle. The routes are random and we may call it "Artificial Intellectual Disabilities". There is a better model that is equipped with a gyroscope navigation module. The real hands-on experience is much better. Only when your budget is upgraded to far more than a thousand yuan, and the robot cleaner is equipped with a laser navigator or a dToF navigator, you can obtain a real modern robot cleaner with the best on-hand experience at present.


Our robot vacuum cleaner E-650 can automatically alternate its direction when meeting an obstacle or walking at the edge, you can check the function in the video. The robot cleaner can suct in water, dust and household waste. The Li-battery is 2200mAh. The full charge time is from 3 to 4 hours. The full runtime is approximately 75 minutes. The suction ability is 2kpa. The dust bag is 800ml. The packing size is 333*335*78mm.


The robot vacuum cleaner can also be controlled on the mobile phone via Ali APP. There are only three simple steps to connect it to your cellphone. Step one, scan QR-code and download Ali APP. Step two, search for the robotic vacuum cleaner E650. Step three, you can use APP to control it with WIFI environment.

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