Suzhou ZEK Attending Foreign Trade Telephone Calls Training Course In Hangzhou-Portable Wireless Vacuum Cleaner Factory

May 18, 2021

Suzhou ZEK is the best vacuum cleaner factory in China. Our products are household vacuum cleaner, car vacuum cleaner, UV mite vacuum cleaner, steam mop, and electric mop. The service is becoming more and more important as the quality itself. We think that professional service is also our key competitiveness.

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Suzhou ZEK locates by the lake of Taihu, very close to Shanghai. ZEK is a designer and manufacturer of cordless vacuum cleaner, car USB vacuum cleanersteam mopanti-mite vacuum cleanerelectric rotary mop, wet and dry vacuum cleaner, etc. As the competition of this industry is increasing fast, we think we should not only offer the best quality but also professional and responsive service. Our CEO, Edward Gao, is pretty generous in investing in staff training courses.

Last week, we attended a course in Hangzhou. The topic is "When and how to make a telephone call to customers?". Usually, there are 5 situations under which we should better make a call to our customers. 

Situation number one. For daily normal communication. We can not always receive customers' feedback after sending them emails, samples or getting the promise of payment. When we fail to receive any reply for a long time, we had better make a phone call to make sure whether there are still unsolved problems or our customers are too busy to write back. This is important for efficient communication. 

Situation number two. For relationship maintenance. Different countries have different customs and festivals. For long-term partners, it is critically important to make a telephone call at Thanksgiving day, Christmas Day, Easter, Anniversary, Birthday, etc.

Situation number three. For complaint settlement, payment, wrong quotation, or any other urgent things. These situations are top urgent and they must be dealt with carefully. It's good to make a telephone call to figure out current situations. Then followed by formal emails.

Situation number four. For irregular cooperated partners. There is a situation that we suddenly fail to receive payment from long-term cooperated partners or they do not pick up the goods. The fastest way to deal with this situation is to make an instant phone call.

Situation number five. For developing new customers. Sometimes we do not get any reply from customers after sending them quotations or confirming lots of details. This is a little bit hard because we have no idea about what's going on from the other side. It's good if you can make a phone call to ask about the product, the price or the service.

Nowadays, it is becoming more and more convenient for us to stay in touch with each other. Life is faster than it in the past. Everyone has lots of jobs to do. When you feel upset or you think you need help, be free to make a phone call. It's meaningless of thinking about it yourself. Everyone is connected. Just pick up the phone to get the information you need.


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