ZEK Vacuum Cleaner R&D Process Order Production Marketing After-sale Support

ZEK Vacuum Cleaner R&D Process Order Production Marketing After-sale Support

Research & Development Process-ZEK wholesale vacuum cleaner supplier. We will do the market investigation and determine our direction of new product development. Then we will design the outlook and structure after risk evaluation. This is the best way to make sure that our vacuum cleaners are always fashionable and competitive in the global market. This will reduce the risk of marketing our vacuums, steam mop, rotary electric mop, anti-mite UV vacuum cleaner

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We will test the technical performance and parameters based on the first moldings, then modify and improve bit by bit. After three turns of trial production. We will begin to produce for orders from customers worldwide. We are rigorous in moldings. The mass production is always a long process. All small parts have to be very accurate and can be assembled perfectly. When our salesman receives orders, they will confirm details and privatized requirements, then summarize and submit to the production department. We offer free design services for logo, color, and packaging. This will make your products unique and different from our standard models. If you need to print the logo or order the color boxes, we will charge you at a close-to-cost level. Our purchaser will outsource parts and then be stored in the materials room after being tested by the quality department for assembly. The finished products will be tested by the quality control department and packed for dispatch. When the goods are sent out, we will send a formal email to specify the details. When our customers are going to receive the cleaners, we will notify them to charge the vacuum cleaners before testing or use. 

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