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Motor power: 40W

Rated voltage: 11.1v DC

Rated current: 3.6A

Water tank: 400ml

Battery capacity: 18650-22P, 2200mAh, 3 sections

Mop rotary speed: 150rpm/min

Unit net weight: 1.7KG

Gross weight: 2..05KG

Packing size: 396*231*131mm

Full charge time: 4h±30min

Runtime: 1h

Material: ABS+PP

Mops: Two round mops and one triangular mop

Illumination: LED light

Function: Floor polishing, waxing, mopping, cleaning


We have three electric mops. Our E11 is an electric rotary mop, we can also call it an electric spin mop. The motor power is 40w. The water tank is 400ml. But we recommend that you add at most 200ml of tap water or purified water one time, too much water will make the floor hard to clean up and there may be water residual as well. The full charge time is from 3 to 4 hours. The runtime is about 60 minutes. The spinning speed is 150rpm. There is a button on the handle to control the LED light on the mop pad's front side to illuminate the floor and the corner that you are cleaning. The packing size is 396*231*131mm and the gross weight is  2.05KG. It is powered by a 2200mAh battery pack. The rotary electric mop is ideal for floor polishing and waxing.

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1. Power button on the mop pad. Just gently tread on it to turn it on/off.

2. Big water capacity, but we recommend you add 200ml to avoid too much water on the floor.

3. One button for water spray, and one button for illuminating the floor that the mop work on.

4. Fine mops for floor polishing, waxing, mopping, cleaning.

5. Very modern and unique design. Making it exclusive for you.

6. Color box and logo customization.

With so many good characteristics, the prospect of the product is brilliant. 



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Mop cleaner electric rotary mop rotary electric mop
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