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Power: 120W/ 380W

Voltage: 21.6V 

Vacuum: 9KPA 

Motor: DC brush 

Dust capacity: 0.7L 

Working time: 20-35mins 

Color: optional 

Packing size: 670*270*150mm 

Container load: 1168 /2437/2759 

N.W/G.W: 1.5kg/2.3kg


Check out the E17 dual motor powerful suction handheld vacuum cleaner from ZEK. ZEK is one of the best wholesale vacuum cleaner suppliers in China.

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ZEK E17 Hand-held Vacuum Cleaner Wholesale Supplier High-quality

Our vacuum cleaner E17 is very popular in Southeast Asian markets. There are two models, one is 120w, and the other is 380w. The full charge time is from 4 to 5 hours. The battery capacity is 2200mAh. The rated voltage is 21.6v. The max suction is 13kpa. The packing size is 670*270*150mm. The dust cup is 700ml.

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Handheld vacuum cleaner E17 | Wholesale suppliers | ZEK

Check out the E17 dual motor powerful suction handheld vacuum cleaner from ZEK. ZEK is one of the best wholesale vacuum cleaner suppliers in China.

How To Use Wholesale Handheld Vacuum Cleaner?

Wholesale handheld vacuum cleaners are your best cleaning buddy. Easy to hold and easy to clean. Zek is the top handheld vacuum cleaner supplier who sells wholesale handheld vacuum cleaners at a very economical price.

If you go online, you will see so many handheld vacuum cleaner suppliers that produce and sell wholesale handheld vacuum cleaners. Still, it's hard to buy one good wholesale handheld vacuum cleaner that can meet all your requirements. But if you purchase your wholesale handheld vacuum cleaners from the world's leading handheld vacuum cleaner supplier, Zek, then cleaning will definitely become more interesting. With our wholesale handheld vacuum cleaners, cleaning every narrowest corner is no longer a headache.

What is a handheld vacuum cleaner?

A Wholesale handheld vacuum cleaner is a portable cleaning machine that uses vacuum suction to remove dust and soils from your carpets or sofas. Handheld vacuum cleaner suppliers are very easy to carry and come with detachable machine parts. This means that after every clean or wash, you can detach the parts of a wholesale handheld vacuum and store them. But you need to buy from the only best handheld vacuum cleaner supplier.

What are the uses of wholesale handheld vacuum?

When we say that wholesale handheld vacuum cleaner suppliers are your ultimate cleaning buddy, we mean it. It simply means that handheld vacuum cleaner suppliers offer wholesale handheld vacuums that can easily clean a number of things. Here are some of the best ways to use your wholesale handheld vacuum:

Get rid of per hairs:

If you own a dog or a cat, then you must know how challenging it is to remove all the hair from your dresses, Windows, floors, and carpets. A bulky vacuum cleaner can make the job alert duffer since it's heavy to move around. With handheld rechargeable vacuum cleaners from our best handheld vacuum cleaner supplier, it's the most efficient way to get rid of any excess pet hair. Plus, they are all tested and safe for pets.

Keep you fresh and relaxed:

A clean house can tell many things about a person's personality. It's good to do a deep cleaning with the traditional mop and bucket but using a wholesale handheld vacuum. You can even reach to the small corners of your roof and underneath your sofa. The suction power of these handheld vacuum cleaner suppliers is very strong, so not one dirt can get away. It can easily clean allergens, dust mites, and pet hair from carpets, pillows, and upholstery.

Clean your car:

Another great way to use a wholesale handheld vacuum. Handheld vacuums come with rechargeable type C USB ports. This is why they are super easy to carry even when you are going outside. You no longer need to plugin in order to start the machine. Just simply click the start button and then get rid of all the dry food items from your car and underneath your seat. Our handheld vacuum cleaner supplier also sells wet dry car vacuum. You can also clean spilled drinks and dry dust.

Keeps you safe:

Did you know that Zek is the top best handheld vacuum cleaner supplier that provides you with UV anti-mite vacuum cleaners? It's the best way to get rid of any extra Anti mites from dust and soils.

What's the best wholesale handheld vacuum?

Our most popular wholesale handheld vacuum E17 is also from our best handheld vacuum cleaner supplier. It needs at least 4 to 5 hours to fully charge with the battery capacity of 2200mAh. Need a free quote? Visit Zek today.

With so many good characteristics, the prospect of the product is brilliant. 

If there is any interest in our wholesale rechargeable vacuum cleaner for home, inquire us now!

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