ZEK E7 Wholesale Electric Car Vacuum Mass Production Sampling Examination Before Delivery

ZEK E7 Wholesale Electric Car Vacuum Mass Production Sampling Examination Before Delivery

Over the years, ZEK has kept improving in technology, and striven to improve the level of quality and performance. This is a video on sampling examination to the electric car vacuum E7. We examine 13 wholesale electric car vacuums for a sampling record on file. And we will also share the electric car vacuum sampling examination video with our client before delivery to confirm the quality. 

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In this video, we check the charging module and battery pack, and beautiful blue indicator lights. We also check the power switch circuit board carefully and seriously by using an LED magnifying lens. We also check the motor and automatic power-off function when the electric car vacuum is fully charged. Our cordless DC car vacuum cleaner is 75w. Our BLDC vehicle vacuum cleaner is 90w. You can buy the main unit without the rod and brush alone. Small, fashionable, multifunctional, the USB car vacuum cleaner supporting Type-C cable gives you a fantastic home and car cleaning experience. Contact us for assistance in knowing more about our wholesale USB car vacuum cleaner, Type-C compatible vacuum cleaner, wholesale vacuum cleaner for cars, car vacuum cleaner supplier. ZEK is a specialized wholesale car vacuum cleaner factory in China. Please be well informed that the brush is not electric. The unit weight is 1.2KG. The gross weight is 2KG. The packing size is 500*180*125mm. The DC car vacuum cleaner is 75w. The suction at the eco speed is 4kpa and 6kpa at the max speed. The BLDC car vacuum cleaner is 90w. The suction at the eco speed is 8kpa and 14kpa at the max speed. You can use it in the car as a car vacuum cleaner or at home with the rod and brush as a normal household vacuum cleaner. Be free to inquire us for more information and privatized customization. For more detailed information about the wholesale electric car vacuum, please leave a comment here or send us an inquiry on Suzhou ZEK's official website www.vczek.com, or send us an email at info@58zek.com. Thanks for your time and patience with our video and the electric car vacuum.

sampling check car vacuum cleaner E7
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