Steam mop is lightweight cleaning appliances that use the power of steam and hot water to cleanse and sanitise floors. They are lightweight units that glide evenly and seamlessly over your floors to clean and sanitise them with hot steam. Hygienically clean tough tile and floorboard stains using steam that removes 99.9% of germs and bacteria without the need for toxic, chemical-based detergents. Looking for steam mop manufacturer, our steam cleaning mops use pressurised steam to loosen and wipe away stuck on dirt and grime. The microfibre steam mop pads will leave your surfaces sparkling clean. Steam mops use the power of hot steam to do your cleaning for you which means that any fatty stains or spills are effectively cleaned and sanitised. We are the best steam mop supplier in China, our steam swabber has helped to more than halve the conventional floor cleaning time it would take with a regular mop but, more than that, it has made the whole floor washing process more efficient.


AC Motor 1500w.

All Materials Are ABS.

320ml Detachable Water Tank.

Fine Attachments Easy Connection.

Overheat Detector And Heat Generator Self-protection.

Three Power Switches, Providing More Safety Insurance To Your Families.


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