A good helper for household carpet cleaning, carpet vacuum cleaner design and function introduction


A good helper for household carpet cleaning, carpet vacuum cleaner design and function introduction

A good helper for household carpet cleaning, carpet vacuum cleaner design and function introduction
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A carpet vacuum cleaner is a household appliance designed specifically for cleaning carpets. It can effectively remove dust, stains and other debris from the carpet through powerful suction and specially designed suction head.

Now more and more families like to lay carpets, most of which are short-haired carpets, which are more convenient to walk on, while long-haired carpets generally have a limited area and can be moved. As an important household cleaning equipment, carpet vacuum cleaner plays an important role in daily life. As a decorative material for the floor, carpet can not only increase the warmth and comfort of the room, but also easily absorb debris such as dust, stains and pet hair. Therefore, using an efficient carpet vacuum cleaner can help us effectively clean the carpet and keep the indoor environment clean and hygienic.

  A good carpet vacuum should have powerful suction that can thoroughly remove dirt and debris from your carpet. Through advanced suction technology and high-efficiency filtration system, the carpet vacuum cleaner can filter out tiny dust particles and allergens, providing users with a clean and healthy indoor environment. Not only that, but some carpet vacuum cleaners also have a deep cleaning function, which can effectively remove stubborn stains and pet hair in the carpet, and make the carpet look like new again.

  Carpet vacuums are often equipped with specially designed heads and attachments to handle different types of carpets and cleaning needs. For example, some vacuums have rotating brush heads that do a better job of cleaning long-pile and pile carpets, pulling dirt and debris out of the carpet fibers. In addition, there are vacuum cleaners with adjustable suction power and automatic adaptation to the thickness of the carpet to ensure the best cleaning performance。

The carpet vacuum cleaners with the following two designs are common in the market now:


 Portable carpet vacuum cleaner, it is equipped with a variety of brush heads, in addition to carpet brushes, there are self-cleaning brushes, long flat suction, pet brushes, glass brushes, square brushes. Therefore, it has many functions. It can not only clean carpets, but also clean stains on sofas and sheets. It is very suitable for cleaning small areas and has a wide range of uses. Wet cleaning, cleaning the stains on the carpet; the glass or tabletop at home is dirty, you can also use a glass brush to clean it, and when we use it to complete the cleaning work, we can also use the self-cleaning brush to clean the inside of the hose of the vacuum cleaner. It has two water tanks, one is clean water tank and the other is sewage tank. The clean water tank has a capacity of 1.8L and the sewage tank has a capacity of 1L. The water tank is detachable. It has two sources of power, one is the battery model, which runs through the power in the battery, the power is 150w, and the battery capacity is 2200mah; the other is the version with a power cord, which is connected to the socket to obtain power, the power is 400w, the length of the power cord is 5 meters, but the length of the power cord can be customized, if you think a longer power cord can meet your needs, a longer power cord can be configured for you. Its net weight is 3.5kg, which is relatively light and can be used by both children and the elderly.



Upright carpet vacuum cleaner. The power of this vacuum cleaner is 500w. It has two water tanks, a clean water tank and a dirty water tank, each with a capacity of 1.6L, so there is no need to frequently add water to the clean water tank. It is a vertical design. When we use it for carpet cleaning, it can be placed upright without looking for other objects for support. Its power cord is 6 meters long, and we can also configure a longer power cord for it. This carpet vacuum cleaner is better suited for cleaning large rooms, although small rooms are fine too. Cleaning fluid can be added to its water tank, because we all know that there are sometimes oil stains on the carpet, adding cleaning fluid can remove stains more efficiently.

  Modern carpet vacuum cleaners focus on user convenience and smart experience. Some carpet vacuum cleaners are designed to be lightweight and portable, making it easy for users to clean in different areas of the home;

There are also carpet vacuums with long cables or cordless designs for greater flexibility and convenience. In addition, some carpet vacuum cleaners also have intelligent functions, such as automatic charging, intelligent navigation and remote control, etc., so that users can more easily clean carpets.


Investing in a quality carpet vacuum is very important. A good carpet vacuum cleaner should have a durable body and suction head to ensure long-term use. In addition, users should also pay attention to the maintenance of the vacuum cleaner, regularly clean the filter and empty the dust box to ensure the working efficiency and life of the vacuum cleaner.


A carpet vacuum cleaner is an essential household cleaning device that thoroughly cleans carpets, removing dust, stains and other debris. Through powerful suction and specially designed suction head, the carpet vacuum cleaner can provide efficient cleaning effect, and has convenience and intelligent functions, bringing users a better experience. Choosing a high-quality carpet vacuum cleaner and maintaining it regularly will bring cleanliness, health and comfort to your home environment.


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