What is stick vacuum cleaner? from what angles should we choose stick vacuum cleaner?

February 28, 2023

Introduction of stick vacuum cleaners, what angles should be considered when buying a vacuum cleaner, and what aspects should be tested for stick vacuum cleaners

What is stick vacuum cleaner? from what angles should we choose stick vacuum cleaner?
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what is a stick vacuum cleaner?

Stick vacuum cleaners are one of the most commonly used types of household vacuum cleaners. Compared with robot vacuum cleaners, they have advantages in price and ease of use, and we can choose the appropriate suction power according to our needs. The maximum suction power of stick vacuum cleaners can be Up to about 30kpa. The motors used in stick vacuum cleaners are divided into two types: brushed motors and brushless motors. Among them, brushless motors have significant advantages, such as small size, low noise, large suction power, and long service life. Usually, the suction power we see is above 15kpa. High-end vacuum cleaners use brushless motors. The battery of the stick vacuum cleaner is detachable, we can buy extra batteries to increase the use time, in addition, when recycling the batteries, the batteries can be removed and thrown into the correct trash can, so as not to pollute our environment . Stick vacuum cleaners have many accessories. We can connect small accessories to clean other places we want to clean. For example, we can connect long flat suction to clean sofas, tabletops, etc., and we can connect wet mop brushes to use as mops. The vacuum function, vacuuming first and then mopping, can effectively help us solve the cleaning problem at home.

How we picked:

1. Suction. We need to choose a vacuum cleaner with a suction power that matches our family cleaning. Generally speaking, the greater the suction power, the higher the price. The suction gear of the vacuum cleaner, the stick vacuum cleaner generally has two gears of suction, and there are three gears and four gears of suction. The suction of different gears can inhale dust of different sizes. The gears can be switched flexibly to better help us clean up. Room.

2. Noise, weight. We can choose a vacuum cleaner with low noise, because some vacuum cleaners are relatively loud, which will affect other family members when we use them. When buying a vacuum cleaner, you can hold it in your hand to feel it, because the stick vacuum cleaner needs to be used in your hand, and the light-weight vacuum cleaner is very labor-saving to use.

3. Accessories. There are many hand-held accessories for stick vacuum cleaners, such as long flat suction and round brush. Therefore, when buying a vacuum cleaner, you need to pay attention to whether the accessories of the vacuum cleaner can meet your needs. Because the right accessories are easier to use.

4. Installation and disassembly. Check whether the installation and disassembly of the vacuum cleaner is simple and convenient, and whether it is convenient to empty the dust box, because we will replace the accessories or open the vacuum cleaner during the use of the vacuum cleaner, and wash the components of the vacuum cleaner with water. comfortable.

Our top picks:

  1. 1. best vacuum cleaner

Named E23 vacuum cleaner, this vacuum cleaner is divided into brushed and brushless models. The main difference is the difference between the motor and the floor brush. The model name of the brushless model is E24, which uses a soft velvet floor brush. The feature of the farming brush strip is that it is not easy to entangle the hair, but the disadvantage is that it is not effective when cleaning long-haired carpets. The biggest advantage of this vacuum cleaner is that it is quiet, compared to other stick vacuum cleaners, it will feel very quiet when using it. Accessories include two-in-one brush, long flat suction, etc. In addition, this vacuum cleaner has two Hypas, which can effectively filter dust and avoid secondary pollution. The battery pack is detachable, easy to install and remove.

2、Best Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

The vacuum cleaner named K7 is the best-selling vacuum cleaner in our store. It is equipped with a brushed motor with a power of 170w and a suction of 9000pa. The battery is removable and the battery capacity is 2200mah. Lightweight and portable, it is easy and effortless to use, and the disassembly and installation are simple and quick. The accessories include long flat suction, round brush, mite removal brush, and wet mop brush. Its floor brush strips are replaceable. The carbon fiber brush strips are installed in the picture. You can choose soft fleece brush strips or carbon fiber brush strips according to your needs. Its dust box is 700ml, which belongs to the dry vacuum cleaner and can only absorb dust, not water. Its accessories also include a hanger, a screw bag, and a small brush. You can use the screw bag to fix the hanger on the wall, and use a small brush to clean the dust in the vacuum cleaner assembly.

3. Best Lightweight Vacuum Cleaner

It is called k8 vacuum cleaner, with a suction power of 20kpa, a power of 250w, and a battery capacity of 2200mah. There are two levels of suction, which can be switched between each other. We need to press and hold the power button for 3 seconds to turn on the machine. The battery is detachable, and the accessories include long flat suction, round brush, mite removal brush, and wet mop brush. The mite removal brush and wet mop brush are optional, and you need to purchase them according to your needs. One of the highlights of this vacuum cleaner is the one-button dust removal. There is a pull ring on the handle. When we want to empty the dust, we can open the dust box by hitting the ring pull ring on the handle. The accessories include a hanger, fix the hanger to the wall with a screw bag, and then put the vacuum cleaner on the hanger. You can choose the color, logo, pole length, telescopic pole or bent tube to customize the product. We are a professional manufacturer of household vacuum cleaners and can meet your various needs.

4. Best Corded Vacuum Cleaner

This product is mainly used for pet care, haircut and combing for pets. The whole environment can be kept clean and tidy during the whole process of caring for pets. This product consists of three parts: the host, the hair clipper, and the grooming component. The power is 300w, the voltage is 100v to 230v, the capacity of the dust box is 1.5L, the weight is 1.75kg, the suction is 8-10kpa, and the two levels of suction can be switched. The power of the hair clipper is 12w, the battery capacity is 2000mah, and there is a separate charging cable to charge the hair clipper. The transparent dust box is detachable. It is a corded vacuum cleaner, and the power cord can be stored at the bottom of the vacuum cleaner. Connecting various accessories through flexible hoses can help us trim pet hair.

5、Anti-mite UV Vacuum Cleaner

It is called a mite removal instrument, with a power of 300w and a suction of 12kpa. It is equipped with a uv lamp and is mainly used to clean mattresses. It is also called a dust mite vacuum cleaner. The dust box has a capacity of 500ml and is detachable. It is a wired vacuum cleaner, and the length of the power cord is 5 meters. You can also customize the length of the power cord according to your needs. At the bottom of the vacuum cleaner, there is a slapping accessory. Its function is to slap the dust mites deep in the mattress, slap the dust mites to the surface, and then be absorbed by the vacuum cleaner. There is also an air outlet at the bottom of the vacuum cleaner, which can release warm air. Its function is to dry our bedding, so that we can have a good sleep. What's more, only when the vacuum cleaner is placed on a flat surface, the uv light will automatically turn on, and when we pick up the vacuum cleaner, the vacuum uv light will automatically turn off.

6. Best Budget Vacuum Cleaner

The name is E18 vacuum cleaner, the power is 100w, and the suction is 7800pa. The two levels of suction can be switched. It is equipped with a two-in-one long flat suction and a square brush. The advantage is that it is light and portable. To meet the needs of household cleaning, the floor brush is a carbon fiber floor brush, suitable for cleaning various floors, and the battery can be removed


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